Jen Cameron from Glass Addictions has been the hostess for an annual art charm swap benefiting Beads of Courage, which is a non-profit organization providing arts in medicine for children with serious illnesses (CLICK HERE to go to Beads of Courage website). Last year was my first year participating and I had so much fun that I decided to do it again this year. The theme for this year is LOVE. Because I’m such an over-achiever, I signed up to make two designs for the swap. A minimum of one art charm from each artist is being auctioned to raise money for Beads of Courage. CLICK HERE to see the art charms currently for sale, which is a link to Jen Cameron’s eBay listings. Check back all weekend because there will be new ones added each day. These little pieces of handmade art would make great gifts for the holidays and you would be contributing to a great organization that helps children!

The first one I created was inspired by the quote: “A bird sitting on a tree is never afraid of the branch breaking, because her trust is not on the branch but on it’s wings. Always believe in yourself.” I was thinking about the intense emotions related to having a child going through a difficult health journey and the love of the parent is always present, spreading wings of protection even when the future is uncertain. Handmade lampwork glass bird bead with a hematite heart dangle, Czech glass beads, copper and steel.

beads of courage 2013 lovebird

The second art charm I made was inspired by my love of the beach and how the rhythm of the ocean can be so soothing to the soul during times of trouble. Each charm is a little different, but based on a sea glass color palette. I made the glass disk beads, along with the copper heart dangle – cut from a sheet of copper, stamped with a heart and shaped into a dome.

heart art charm 2013

Here is the list of artists participating this year. Check out what everyone has created!

Jen Cameron:
Toltec Jewels:
Vanessa Gilkes:
Caroline Dewison:
Lesley Watt:
Susan Kennedy:
Nancy Dale :
Alicia Marinache:
Cassi Paslick:
Alenka Obid:
Renetha Stanziano:
Shelley Graham Turner:
Monique Urquhart:
Shai Williams:
Lennis Carter:
Cheri Reed:
Moriah Betterly:
Perri Jackson:
Mallory Hoffman:
Ginger Bishop:
Jean Peter:
Linda Florian:
Patricia Pulliam:
Karin Grosset Grange:
Julie Bowen:
Susan Delaney:
Emma Todd:
Carolyn Chenault :
Terri Del Signore:
Cory Tompkins:
Cheryl (Lee) Koopman:
Lori Bowring Michaud:
Andrea Glick:
Jacqueline Carlson:
Michelle McCarthy:
Charlene Bausinger Jacka:
Kristi Bowman: