12 days of christmas blog

I am so excited to share that I have been selected to participate in Lorelei Eutro’s 12 Days of Christmas Handmade Gift Swap! This year, she is having two groups of participants – the first group will be making Components/Pendants/Beads and the second group will be making General Gifts…and I signed up for the first group. Beginning December 25th, we will open one gift per day for 12 days. My handmade gift will be opened by everyone on Day 7. I think I’m going to have a hard time looking at all those beautifully wrapped presents and not opening them all right away! I’ll be taking pictures and writing about each item, so you can enjoy seeing the work of the amazing creative artists that are participating.

Sooooo…the big questions is…what should I make for each of the lovely ladies in the group? The requirement is to create 11 handmade components/pendants/beads, one for each of the participants & get them in the mail by December 1st. So I need to get busy making something! What handmade item would you be most excited to receive?

Leave a comment and let me know! I would love to hear your ideas.