Jen Cameron from Glass Addictions has been the hostess for an annual art charm swap benefiting Beads of Courage, which is a non-profit organization providing arts in medicine for children with serious illnesses (CLICK HERE to go to Beads of Courage website). Last year was my first year participating and I had so much fun that I decided to do it again this year. The theme for this year is LOVE. Because I’m such an over-achiever, I signed up to make two designs for the swap. A minimum of one art charm from each artist is being auctioned to raise money for Beads of Courage. CLICK HERE to see the art charms currently for sale, which is a link to Jen Cameron’s eBay listings. Check back all weekend because there will be new ones added each day. These little pieces of handmade art would make great gifts for the holidays and you would be contributing to a great organization that helps children!

The first one I created was inspired by the quote: “A bird sitting on a tree is never afraid of the branch breaking, because her trust is not on the branch but on it’s wings. Always believe in yourself.” I was thinking about the intense emotions related to having a child going through a difficult health journey and the love of the parent is always present, spreading wings of protection even when the future is uncertain. Handmade lampwork glass bird bead with a hematite heart dangle, Czech glass beads, copper and steel.

beads of courage 2013 lovebird

The second art charm I made was inspired by my love of the beach and how the rhythm of the ocean can be so soothing to the soul during times of trouble. Each charm is a little different, but based on a sea glass color palette. I made the glass disk beads, along with the copper heart dangle – cut from a sheet of copper, stamped with a heart and shaped into a dome.

heart art charm 2013

Here is the list of artists participating this year. Check out what everyone has created!

Jen Cameron:
Toltec Jewels:
Vanessa Gilkes:
Caroline Dewison:
Lesley Watt:
Susan Kennedy:
Nancy Dale :
Alicia Marinache:
Cassi Paslick:
Alenka Obid:
Renetha Stanziano:
Shelley Graham Turner:
Monique Urquhart:
Shai Williams:
Lennis Carter:
Cheri Reed:
Moriah Betterly:
Perri Jackson:
Mallory Hoffman:
Ginger Bishop:
Jean Peter:
Linda Florian:
Patricia Pulliam:
Karin Grosset Grange:
Julie Bowen:
Susan Delaney:
Emma Todd:
Carolyn Chenault :
Terri Del Signore:
Cory Tompkins:
Cheryl (Lee) Koopman:
Lori Bowring Michaud:
Andrea Glick:
Jacqueline Carlson:
Michelle McCarthy:
Charlene Bausinger Jacka:
Kristi Bowman:

Bead Soup 2013 chenault

This is the first time I participated in the Bead Soup exchange, hosted by Lori Anderson. This year there are over 500 participants, so the group is divided into three groups with three reveal dates…March 30, April 6 and April 13. Here’s a link to the list of participants & their blogs. Be sure to check out all the beautiful work everyone has created!

Alicia Marinache
Amber Dawn Goldish
Barb Solem
Bev Breisinger
Birgitta Lejonklou
Breana Fry
Brenda Sue Lansdowne
Bridget Torres
Carol Dee Myers
Carolyn Chenault
Cassi Paslick
Cece Cormier
Cheryl McCloud
Cindy Wilson
Crystal Thain
Cynthia Riggs
Dana Hickey
Dana James
Darlene Fortier
Deana Hager
Deanna Cox
Deb Brooks
Debra Behrends
Denielle Hagerman
Denise McCabe
Diana Frey
Diana Welte
Dini Bruinsma
DiYana Alcalde
Dolores Raml
Donna Millard
Dot Lewallwn
Duane Clark
Dyanne Cantrell
Eleanor Burian-Mohr
Elisabeth Auld
Elizabeth Owens Dwy
Emily Greer
Enikö Fabian
Erin Grant
Eva Kovacs
Eva Sherman
Gina Hockett
Grace Rotenberg
Gretchen Nation
Hannah Rosner
Heather Davis
Heather Marston
Heather Powers
Ingrid McCue
Jacqueline Marchant
Jan Petek
Janeen Sorensen
Jane-Michael Stallings
Jasvanti Patel
Jayashree Paramesh
Jayne Capps
Jean Yates
Jennifer Cameron
Jennifer LaVite
Joan Williams
Jodie Marshall
Judy Riggs
Julie Anne Leggett
Kat Barron Miller
Kathy Lindemer
Kim Hora
Kim Houston
Kim Sparks
Krafty Max
Kris Lanae Binsfeld
Krista French
Kristen Stevens
Kristi Harrison
Kumi Fisher
Laren Dee Barton
Laura Bracken
Laura Demoya
Laurie Hanna
Laurie Keefe-Cecere
Lea Avroch
Leanne Loftus
Lee Anne Messerschmidt
Leslie Schenkel
Linda Anderson
Linda Djokic
Linda Murphy
Linda Sadler
Lisa Liddy
Lisa Suver
Liz DeLuca
Liz Engriser
Lola Surwillo
Loretta Carstensen
Lori Anderson
Lori Bergmann
Lori Bowring Michaud
Lori Poppe
Lori Schneider
Lyn Foley
Maddison Langford
Magdalena Sikora
Mallory Hoffman
Marcella Austenfeld
Marcy Lamberson
Maria Clark
Maria Rosa Sharrow
Marianna Boylan
Marie Covert
Marti Conrad
Mary Ellen Merrigan
Mary Harding
Molly Alexander
  Nan Emmett
Niky Sayers
Pam Chesbro
Pam Farren
Pam Sandy
Pam Traub
Pamela Gangler
Patricia Buchanan
Patricia Johnson
Patty Miller
Paula Hisel
Peggy Gabrielson
Perri Jackson
Rachel Baron
Rachel Stanley
Rain Hannah
Rana Wilson
Renetha Stanziano
Robin Reed
Rochelle Brisson
Rose Rushbrooke
Ruth Szapa
Sally Russick
Sandi Volpe
Sandra Pendragon
Sandy Richardson
Sarah Small
Shannon Hicks
Shari Replogle
Sheila Daniels
Sheila Davis
Shiraz Biggie
Shirley Moore
Skylar Bre’z
Staci Smith
Stacie Florer
Stacy Pomerleau
Stephanie Weiss
Sumi Rani
Susan Sheehan
Suzette Bentley
Tamera Norris
Tracy Choy
Tracy Stillman
Valerie Norton
Vicki Holliday

My partner is Marcella Austenfeld. CLICK HERE to take a look at her blog and see the bead soup that I sent to her, which includes some of my handmade faux sea glass beads in addition to abalone, pearls, crystals and handmade glass headpins & lampwork beads.

Since Marcella sent me two toggle clasps, I decided to use both of them in my design. It can be worn as a necklace or taken apart at the clasps and worn as two bracelets. I made a set of earrings to go along with the set…my first time making copper headpins and earring loops! I added a few of my handmade glass disk beads and Swarovski crystals to go along with the glass beads I received from Marcella. I usually use a lot of glass and sterling silver in my jewelry, so it was a lot of fun working with new materials…the iron hibiscus, deerskin leather, bronze toggles & jumprings (handmade by Marcella!).

DETAILS OF THE GIVEAWAY: As much as I love everything Marcella sent to me, I have very sensitive skin & allergies to many kinds of metal. Instead of keeping this stored in my jewelry box, I decided to let one LUCKY reader win it & enjoy it. What do you need to do? Just leave a comment below! Since the 3rd and final reveal is April 13, I will draw a winner for my Bead Soup creation on April 20 so be sure to leave a comment! Share this link of Facebook to receive an extra entry (copy & paste the link), then leave another comment letting me know…Bead Soup Giveaway! All entries from US & International will be accepted! I will announce the winner on April 20 & get the mailing info at that time.

Bead Caps Lorelei Eutro

I’ve been waiting so patiently since the beginning of December, with a pile of great gifts to open for the 12 Days of Christmas jewelry comp0nent gift swap. Day 1 has finally arrived & I was so excited to receive a set of metal bead caps from Lorelei Eurto! She has a great shop full of fun jewelry…CLICK HERE to check out what she creates & shop online! She also has a blog that I enjoy reading…CLICK HERE to see what she’s writing about.

Now I need to decide what lampwork beads I want to create, so I can use these beautiful bead caps for a jewelry project!

12 days of christmas blog

I am so excited to share that I have been selected to participate in Lorelei Eutro’s 12 Days of Christmas Handmade Gift Swap! This year, she is having two groups of participants – the first group will be making Components/Pendants/Beads and the second group will be making General Gifts…and I signed up for the first group. Beginning December 25th, we will open one gift per day for 12 days. My handmade gift will be opened by everyone on Day 7. I think I’m going to have a hard time looking at all those beautifully wrapped presents and not opening them all right away! I’ll be taking pictures and writing about each item, so you can enjoy seeing the work of the amazing creative artists that are participating.

Sooooo…the big questions is…what should I make for each of the lovely ladies in the group? The requirement is to create 11 handmade components/pendants/beads, one for each of the participants & get them in the mail by December 1st. So I need to get busy making something! What handmade item would you be most excited to receive?

Leave a comment and let me know! I would love to hear your ideas.

laugh sea glass necklace blog

When I created this lampwork glass bead for the ART CHARM SWAP and Beads of Courage donation, I knew exactly what I would be doing with the extra one from my private collection. I have friendships that last a lifetime; they have endured some of the most challenging journeys of life…and we are always there for each other no matter what. One special friend I have known for many years. We always have so much fun laughing together. She brings great joy to my life and I wanted to give her a special gift to let her know how much she means to me.  So this necklace is what I created for her. Adding the art charm to chain and making some extra links with 3 more lampwork glass beads…and she loves it!

Love the necklace and inspired to create one for yourself? The lampwork bead I created for Beads of Courage is still available on eBay…CLICK HERE for the auction. UPDATE:  AUCTION IS COMPLETE. Each lampwork glass bead is handmade in my studio one at a time, so no two are exactly alike. Straight from the torch, each bead goes into the kiln and is digitally annealed for strength and durability, so you can be guaranteed they won’t break with normal wear. Free shipping for each additional art charm you purchase after the first one!

laugh sea glass beads blog

In August, I heard about an art charm swap hosted by Jen Cameron of Glass Addictions and I decided to sign up. The requirements: 11 art charm had to be handmade, including one charm that would be auctioned to benefit Beads of Courage (every bead tells a story of strength, honor and hope). I was lucky to be in 2 groups for the swap, so I made 11 beads of each style in the picture. The theme for 2012 is “laughter” and I thought about a quote…”Laughter sparkles like a splash of water in sunlight”. This is the story of my beads…inspired by joyous adventures along the sunny seaside, each bead represents memories of hapy times shared with family and friends, handmade glass beads reminiscent of treasures from the sea. It may be a little difficult to tell by the photo, but each glass bead has raised lettering on the surface, which spells “laugh”. The flat charm includes a real pearl and authentic Swarovski crystal. The round bead also has an abalone embellishment with a glass crystal. The center core can be removed and the center hole is large enough to fit on a European-style charm bracelet (like Pandora). CLICK HERE to read more about Beads of Courage and how they help children coping with life threatening illnesses.

CLICK HERE to go to the auction page to bid on the art charms. AUCTION IS COMPLETE. There are 45 art charms and they will be selling quickly, so you may want to select the “Buy It Now” option if you really want to win a specific auction. 100% of the proceeds will be donated to Beads of Courage. All the art charms are handmade and donated by artists around the world to benefit Beads of Courage.

Take a look at all of the talented artists and see what they created for the art charm swap…it’s a fun blog hop that I think you will enjoy.

Alenka Obid

Alicia Marinache

Babette Cox

Carol Watson

Carolyn Chenault

Cassi Paslick

Charlene Jacka

Cheri Reed

Cheryl McCloud

Deb Kauzlarich

Denielle Hagerman

Emma Todd

Erin Prais-Hintz

Ginger Bishop

Inge vonRoos

Jean Peter

Jeannie K Dukic

Jennifer Cameron

Kia Dallons

Kimberly Roberts

Kristi Bowman

Lea Avroch

Leslie Schenkel

Linda Florian

Lori Greenberg

Lynnea Bennett

Mallory Hoffman

Marcy Lamberson

Marsha Neal Studio

Maureen Connolly

Melissa Meman

Monique Urquhart

Natalie McKenna

Perri Jackson 

Renetha Stanziano

Robin Koza

Shaiha Williams

Shannon Hicks

Shelby Foxwell

Shelley Graham Turner

Shirley Moore

Stephanie Haussler

Susan Kennedy

Toltec Jewels

Vanessa Gilkes

So Many Sea Glass Beads

A big pile of handmade sea glass beads…getting ready for the next step!

Check out what my friend, Kris Lanae Binsfeld, has been doing with some of my sea glass beads on her blog, Cherish Designs. She’s a talented jewelry designer, licensed with Creative Co-op and Demdaco/Silvestri, and is also teaching classes at the Creatives Celebrating Sisterhood Retreat in May 2013.

Every day is a great day at the beach! I wear this necklace when I want to remember my favorite things…feeling the sand between my toes, seeing the beautiful blue of the ocean and hearing the lullaby of the waves crash along the shore. The color of these sea glass beads is reminiscent of the beautiful greenish blue of an old Coca-Cola bottle – my favorite color of sea glass. It’s nearly impossible to find any glass gems along the Oregon coast. Our beaches are just too clean for these time-worn treasures!

Handmade sea glass beads with natural abalone shell accents and sterling silver chain.

“If you want to know where your heart is, look where your mind goes when it wanders.” -unknown

I never had to wander far to meet my true love. Those who know me well can tell you that I have been blessed to have a true love that never falters & has been beside me no matter what circumstances may arise. Just like the ebb and flow of the waves on the seashore, my love is reliable even when life has been complicated.

Are you curious to know my true love? Creativity! My love of art has encouraged me to explore so many different materials over the years. As a result of all the knowledge, I have been able to create these keepsake glass beads reminiscent of beautiful sea glass treasures…but I think mine might be even better with the inspirational words.

What is your true love, close to your heart?

“I believe that everything happens for a reason. People change so that you can learn to let go, things go wrong so that you appreciate them when they’re right, you believe lies so you eventually learn to trust no one but yourself, and sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together.” – marilyn monroe

This necklace is for someone who believes in better things and is at the beginning of a very magical future. Enjoy!

Faux sea glass BELIEVE bead, with purply blue crystals on an adjustable sterling silver chain.